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Validation/Verification Phase

I - Define the Lesional Intensity on MR

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II- Specify the Location of the Lesion                                             Click to enlarge the image

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III - Does the Lesion Have a Mass Effect?

Yes    No

IV - Indicate the Type of the Contrast Enhancement:

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V - Is the Lesion Associated with Calcification?

No    Yes   Not Known

VI - Lesion's CT Density Irrespective of Calcification:

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VII - Is There Significant Perilesional Edema?

No   Yes

VIII - Does the Lesion Have Well Defined Margins?

No   Yes   Not Known

IX - Indicate the Multiplicity of the Lesion:

Single   Multiple

X - Specify the Lesion Size w/o Accounting for Edema:

2 cm or Less   Over 2 cm

XI - Is There Hydrocephalus or Ventriculomegaly?

No   Yes

This question applies only to cystic lesions:

XII - Is There Intracystic Mural Nodule Present?

No   Yes

Diagnosis (Under Construction-Verification/Validation Phase)

I am aware that this program is for educational purposes only and not as a substitute for medical or professional services.   Pressing "I Agree" will show the results based on the selected features; pressing "Reset" will set the selections to the default values.


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